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Download DnSpy: An Android Tool for Editing and Debugging Applications/Games

dnSpy - Latest Release

Have you ever played a Unity-based Android game? And do you want to modify the game? There are many tools available for this purpose, and among them, DnSpy stands out as one of the most popular.

Why Choose DnSpy?

DnSpy is a user-friendly tool that supports various file extensions such as .Apk, .Exe, .dll, and others. This makes it widely used for debugging or editing the source code of applications/games, especially on the Android platform.

One of the advantages of DnSpy is its ability to modify the source code of extracted Apk files using tools like Apk Easy Tool, such as Assembly-CSharp.dll, smali, classes.dex, and others.

dnSpy - Latest Release

dnSpy is a debugger and editor for .NET assemblies. You can utilize it to modify and troubleshoot assemblies, even in the absence of the source code. Its notable features include:

  • Debugging .NET and Unity assemblies
  • Editing .NET and Unity assemblies
  • Light and dark themes
  • dnSpy is a powerful tool for developers and programmers to edit and debug .NET and Unity assemblies. With dnSpy, you can understand and modify assemblies even without access to the original source code.

One of the main features of dnSpy is its ability to debug .NET and Unity assemblies. You can step through the code, set breakpoints, and inspect variable values during the debugging process. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how the assembly works and find and fix bugs.

Furthermore, dnSpy also allows you to edit .NET and Unity assemblies. You can modify the code, add new functions, and modify the behavior of the assembly according to your needs. This provides flexibility and the ability to adapt applications or games to suit your project requirements.

dnSpy also comes with both light and dark themes, allowing you to choose a visual appearance that suits your preferences. The light theme is suitable for well-lit conditions, while the dark theme can help reduce eye strain when working in low-light conditions.

So, if you are a developer or programmer working with .NET and Unity assemblies, dnSpy is an incredibly useful tool for you. With its powerful features, you can easily and efficiently edit and debug assemblies. Download dnSpy now to begin an amazing editing and debugging experience!

Download Link:

dnSpy Android Tools [Download]

DnSpy Features

  • Debugger
  • Debug .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Unity-based games without requiring open source code.
  • Set breakpoints and step into any assembly.
  • Supports locals window, watch window, and autos window.
  • Supports saving variables (e.g., encrypted byte arrays) to disk or viewing them in a hex editor (memory window).
  • Supports Object IDs.
  • Can debug multiple processes simultaneously.
  • Break on module load.
  • Supports tracepoints and conditional breakpoints.
  • Export/import breakpoints and tracepoints.
  • Displays call stack, threads, modules, and processes.
  • Break on exception (1st chance).
  • Supports C# / Visual Basic expression evaluation in the variable window.

Assembly Editor

  • All metadata can be edited.
  • Edit methods and classes in C# or Visual Basic with IntelliSense support, without requiring open source code.
  • In C# or Visual Basic, you can add new methods, classes, or members to your code.
  • IL editor to edit low-level IL method bodies.
  • Can edit low-level metadata tables. It internally uses a hex editor.

Hex Editor

  • To navigate to the IL code in the hex editor, simply click on an address in the decompiled code.
  • To access the decompiled code or other high-level representations of the bits, you can press F12 on the IL body within the hex editor. This functionality is particularly helpful for identifying changes made by a patch.
  • Highlights .NET metadata structures and PE structures.
  • Tooltips provide additional information about selected .NET / PE metadata fields.
  • Go to position, file, RVA.
  • You can navigate to various elements such as .NET metadata token, method body, #Blob / #Strings / #US heap offset, or #GUID heap index within the context of the code.
  • Follow references (Ctrl+F12).


  • BAML decompiler.
  • Blue, light, and dark themes (including high contrast dark theme).
  • Bookmarks.
  • C# Interactive window can be used for scripting dnSpy.
  • Search in assembly to find classes, methods, strings, etc.
  • Examine the utilization of classes and methods, identify the functions that invoke them, and so forth.
  • Tabbed and grouped tabs.
  • Highlighted references, use Tab / Shift+Tab to move to the next reference.
  • Go to entry point and module initializer command.
  • Go to metadata token or metadata command row.
  • Code tooltips (C# and Visual Basic).
  • Export to project.

With its features, DnSpy becomes a highly useful tool for developers and modders to edit and debug Android-based applications/games. Its ability to modify Apk source code and its debugging capabilities make DnSpy the right choice to achieve desired outcomes.

Download DnSpy now and explore unlimited potential in editing and debugging Android applications/games!

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