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Microscope MECHANIC MC75T-B1 7-45X Trinocular Stereo


In the constantly evolving world of technology, skills in repairing electronic devices are becoming increasingly important. For smartphone technicians who aim to deliver accurate and professional repair results, the Microscope MECHANIC MC75T-B1 7-45X Trinocular Stereo is the perfect solution. With its high magnification power, sharp and clear imaging, and other advanced features, this stereo microscope will help you uncover hidden details and overcome challenging tasks in the field of electronic repair. Become an expert in this field and enhance the quality of your work with the MECHANIC MC75T-B1.

10 Advantages of the Microscope MECHANIC MC75T-B1:

7X-45X Magnification Power with Clear and Sharp Imaging

The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 stereo microscope is equipped with a 7X-45X magnification power that provides clear and sharp imaging. With this magnification power, technicians can see fine details in the electronic devices they are repairing. The sharp and clear imaging facilitates problem identification and precise repairs.

Wide Field of View

This stereo microscope also offers a wide field of view, allowing technicians to see larger areas of the electronic devices. This is particularly important when working with small components that require detailed monitoring. With a wide field of view, technicians can easily identify problems and perform repairs.

Sturdy All-Metal Pillar Stand and Sturdy All-Metal Table Stand

The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 comes with two sturdy stand options. The all-metal pillar stand provides exceptional stability and allows the microscope to remain in a fixed position. The all-metal table stand also provides stability and the flexibility needed for comfortable electronic device repairs.

High Resolution with Good Contrast

This stereo microscope offers high resolution with excellent brightness and contrast, resulting in sharp and clear imaging. The high resolution allows technicians to see fine details in electronic components, such as circuit traces, solder, and other micro components. The good contrast enhances color differences and facilitates problem identification.

Clear Stereo Imaging with Wide Field of View

The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 produces clear and sharp stereo images. Through the use of special technology, the generated images provide a three-dimensional impression, making it easier for technicians to evaluate the structure and positioning of electronic components. Additionally, the wide field of view ensures that technicians can see larger areas in a single view, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the repair process.

Clear Microscope Images with True Colors

This stereo microscope produces clear microscope images with true colors. This is important for viewing details and color differences in the electronic components being repaired. With clear images and true colors, technicians can accurately identify problems and take appropriate repair steps.

Large Working Distance

The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 offers a large working distance between the object and the microscope lens. This allows technicians to have enough space to perform repair actions on electronic devices without compromising visibility. A large working distance is particularly important when working with complex devices and tightly packed components.

User-Friendly Design

This stereo microscope is designed with user-friendly features. The standard 45° inclined binocular head ensures comfortable long-term use. The interpupillary distance can be adjusted according to individual needs, ensuring optimal viewing comfort. The adjustable bracket makes it easy to adjust the microscope's position according to the technician's requirements.

Full Optical Glass Elements

The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 uses high-quality full optical glass elements. These elements provide optimal light transmission and ensure clear and sharp imaging. By utilizing full optical glass elements, this microscope delivers superior performance in repairing electronic devices with high accuracy.

Adjustable Magnification with Additional Objective Lenses

The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 is equipped with adjustable magnification capability. By using additional objective lenses, the microscope's magnification can be expanded from 7X to 45X. The available additional objective lenses are 0.5X/165MM, 1.5X/45MM, and 2X/30MM. This feature allows technicians to adjust the magnification according to specific repair needs.


The MECHANIC MC75T-B1 7-45X Trinocular Stereo Microscope is a highly useful tool in the electronics industry, particularly for repairing devices such as smartphones and mainboards. With its high magnification power, sharp and clear imaging, and user-friendly features, this stereo microscope enhances efficiency and accuracy in the repair process. With the MECHANIC MC75T-B1, technicians can easily identify problems and perform precise repairs, ensuring that electronic devices function properly.


Can the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 be used for repairing electronic devices other than smartphones and mainboards?

Yes, the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 can be used for repairing other electronic devices such as cameras, computers, and audio devices.

What is the difference between a stereo microscope and a regular microscope?

A stereo microscope provides three-dimensional images with a wider field of view, while a regular microscope produces two-dimensional images.

Is the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 compatible with all additional objective lenses?

Yes, the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 is compatible with the mentioned additional objective lenses in the specifications.

What is the maximum working distance of the MECHANIC MC75T-B1?

The maximum working distance of the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 is 287mm when using additional objective lenses.

Does the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 come with a warranty?

Yes, the MECHANIC MC75T-B1 comes with a manufacturer's warranty to ensure its quality and reliability."

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