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Different Types of RC Car Bodies

The term "RC car body" usually refers to the shell or outer covering of the RC car, which gives the general appearance of the RC car. There are some things you should know about RC car bodies:

Two classifications - There are two general classifications of RC car bodies, based on how you acquire them:

a) Pre-built - This is the type of RC car body that comes with pre-assembled cars. This type of RC car body usually has a look that is more or less similar to other bodies that a company builds. People often buy this type of RC car body to showcase the craftsmanship. Many pre-built RC car bodies are based on real cars, which means that you can buy almost any type of car you can dream of.

b) Customized - There are people who choose to shun the uniform look of pre-built RC car bodies and prefer to add their personal touches to their appearance. Customized RC car bodies are often used by long-time enthusiasts who want to achieve one of two objectives:

1) Aesthetical enhancement - People who want to make their RC cars look better than what is conventional often try to customize their own RC car bodies. Many succeed in this endeavor, but there are also a lot of people who end up buying a new pre-built RC car body.

2) Performance enhancement - There are those who design RC car bodies to enhance a car's performance. Many people who customize RC car bodies do so to improve the aerodynamics of their vehicle, helping them speed up the RC car.

There are also certain recognizable types of RC car bodies available today:

1) Realistic - This refers to the various types of RC car bodies that are modeled after real cars. Often, this RC car body type is based on a winner of a competition such as the World Rally Championships or "cool" cars like the Hummer. This RC car body type is often judged by its faithfulness to the original and is highly regarded for its craftsmanship. People who own this type of RC car body often use it in "on-road" races as it minimizes the potential for damage.

2) Monster Truck - This type of RC car body is made for one thing: bashing. People who have this type of RC car body often use their RC cars to leap ramps, participate in "off-road" races, and have as much fun with their vehicles as possible. The monster truck RC car body is often made to be durable, allowing it to survive most of the maneuvers that owners put it through. This is the undisputed king of RC car bodies.

3) Racing buggy - These vehicles are made for racing, whether it is off-road or on. They are definitely made for speed. This type of RC car body is designed to conquer every type of terrain you put it in. It has a distinctive triangular shape meant to make this RC car body more aerodynamic as you use it to dominate every race.

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