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What RC Car Accessory Should You Get for a Well-Maintained Car?


One of the hottest hobbies on the road today, RC cars and trucks allow you to experience the real world of road race tracks and events, without red lights and speed limits. You can simply drive your RC car or truck and decide for yourself how fast you want to go.

You also have options to choose from. Just like the real automotive world, the radio controlled world of cars and trucks provides choices of futuristic concept cars, on-road and off-road cars, entry-level buggies, monster trucks, nitro-powered cars, and even mini-cars.

There are endless options for everyone, and RC cars and trucks are suitable for all personalities and ages. The choice is yours, it solely depends on your preference. On the other hand, if you need more information, you can get advice from fellow enthusiasts.

Again, just like with "real" on-road and off-road vehicles, radio controlled ones require the same kind of maintenance and care from you. This is to ensure that you keep your vehicle in top condition and avoid failures.

Maintaining them would include everything from keeping them powered, whether through electricity or nitromethane-based fuel, to replacing parts and accessories. You must also have a certain stock of standard RC car/truck equipment for maintenance.

In addition, there is a plethora of accessories available for your RC car, which you can get to keep your vehicle aesthetically pleasing and aggressive, or to enhance your experience on the road.

Accordingly, the following top RC accessories are among the components that your car should not go without:

1. Starter boxes: Starting your new vehicle will include breaking in its new engine, which could be a tough process at first. With the starter box, however, this is made easier by eliminating the need to pull-start the RC car. It gives the boost needed for the engine's break-in, allowing your car to get going in no time.

2. Fuel: Of course, without fuel, you won't go anywhere with this car. There are specially formulated fuel types for RC cars, and you can get one that is recommended by the owner's manual provided.

And since you will probably be doing the refueling job, you might as well include a fuel filler bottle in your purchase, which will fit your car's needs. There are several sizes available, with long, angled tips to allow for a speedy process and to prevent spills.

In addition, a fuel cleaner and rags will be handy accessories in case there are spills and drips.

3. Glow plugs: Instead of ending your fun in driving because of glow plug failures, with spare glow plugs you can change bad plugs along the course. In addition, a small kit stashed in your box will be the best idea. This usually includes spare glow plugs, a glow plug igniter, a glow plug wrench, and a charger.

4. RC tools: These are specialized tools to keep your vehicle going. A standard RC tool kit usually includes a magnetic balancer, a gear puller, a temperature gauge, a tool pouch, and a glow plug wrench.

5. Air Filter Oil: Replacement of the air filter at regular intervals is a must. In this case, it will always be better if you have special air filter oil with you to improve the function of the air filter and prolong the life of the engine.

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